Social Media Maintenance

In today’s creative world, social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are methods of expanding the awareness of your brand, and letting the world know what is new. This act of keeping them up to date creates brand loyalty within your clients, fans and participators.

Additionally, you can also gain new clients, fans and participators thanks to your accounts. They could be a friend of someone who likes your business Facebook page, or someone who simply came across your Twitter page thanks to a search engine database. Social Media is truly a tool that every business should consist of.

Moreover, we currently provide our clients with a complete social media solution. What will occur is that you have your chosen social media accounts professionally managed and designed by All Around Design.

Your benefits with All Around Design Social Media Maintenance are:

  • Professional presentation of your services and related information
  • Designed cover photo for social media accounts
  • Photo transparency where applicable (image perfection for your accounts)
  • Additions to social accounts (tweets, organizational statuses, images and quotes etc.)
  • Expertly developed Social Media Plan
  • Keeping it interesting with events, and organizational images
  • Editing of account information whenever desired
  • Increased Social Media followers and likes (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube etc.)
  • Advanced business writing and editing

As you can see, we do no only put statuses and images up like others do. What we do for you goes much further than this, because we believe that our clients deserve the best support and service.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or doubts please do contact us.