Website Security

You wouldn’t leave your home unlocked for all to enter, so why would you do that with your valuable website?

Websites contain important information, even more so if you do business online or have an e-commerce website. Loads of information can be obtained such as financial information, addresses and even enough to commit credit card and identity fraud to name a few. It is crucial that you not leave you and your customers vulnerable to such a possibility.

We can help you avoid any negative situations and keep your website healthy and secure. Making this possible by doing important things such as implementing security measures, systems and analysis.

Realistically speaking, since there are some very dedicated hackers, there is always a tiny possibility that they pass a websites security, such as the Government of Canada’s system for example. However, you can feel ensured, because if for any reason this occurs then All Around Design will back you up with an exclusive discount with our hacked website recovery service.

Moreover, many clients have no idea how many people actually try to attack their website for whatever reason until they obtain our service. People from all around the world make these attempts on a daily basis, don’t be another one of their victims.

Let’s keep your website safe and sound now!